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Enhanced Concierge Services: Lebanon La Rahtak and Altitude Connections Join Forces to Serve Lebanon and Canada


Lebanon La Rahtak, a leading concierge service based in Lebanon, founded by Malak Ibrahim, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Altitude Connections, owned and managed by Andrea Soueidan. This collaboration aims to cater to clients in both Lebanon and Canada, addressing the diverse needs of Lebanese citizens and Canadian Lebanese individuals.

The primary objective of this partnership is to provide comprehensive support to Lebanese citizens seeking opportunities in Canada, including:

  • Students aspiring to study there,
  • Individuals planning to relocate &
  • Businesses aiming to export their products.

Simultaneously, Canadian Lebanese individuals will benefit from services enabling them to:

  • Reconnect with relatives in Lebanon,
  • Care for their parents residing in Lebanon,
  • Or get their real estate properties managed efficiently.

By combining the expertise, networks, and resources of Lebanon La Rahtak and Altitude Connections, this alliance aims to offer tailored, reliable, and seamless concierge services, ensuring a smooth transition for individuals and businesses between Lebanon and Canada.

For inquiries or assistance in accessing these expanded services, please reach out to our dedicated teams at Lebanon La Rahtak and Altitude Connections.